Disclosure Policies

Thank you for taking the time to read Food & Nonsense!  In the interest of keeping you in the know and being clear about how this blog works, this page is dedicated to the behind the scenes nitty gritty.

My Philosophy

First and foremost, Food and Nonsense is my hobby. It’s a reflection of both my character and my professional opinions as a Registered Dietitian. It aims to provide you with easy to understand, relevant and up to date nutritional information along with a pinch of real life. You can read about my Nutritional Philosophy in more detail here.

IMPORTANT: The advice given on this website is aimed at the adult general public and should not be used as an alternative to personally tailored advice given to you by your own dietitian, doctor or nurse.  


I’m a UK Registered Dietitan regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council.  I have been trained to translate the science of nutrition into sound and practical nutrition information and I aim to use my skills in this area in an accurate and professionally responsible manner.

In order to demonstrate my dedication to transparency and ethical writing/reporting, I have signed up to RDs4Disclosure and have pledged to Blog with Integrity.  This means that I am bound by an industry ethical code of conduct and have pledged not to provide false or misleading information.

I promise that all the opinions shared on this blog are 100% honest and my own.  Any freebies or money I receive for writing posts on this blog will be clearly disclosed and will not influence my opinions, the content or the topics discussed on this site.

Product/Service Reviews & Features

From time to time I may be asked to review products or services in exchange for money, a samples or a gift. Please know that gifts or payments do not guarantee a  good review.  The words and experiences on this blog are 100% my own and cannot be bought.  I will only ever feature or review products that I feel my readers would be interested in and those that as a professional I feel would benefit from being discussed.  Where I have received an incentive (money, a gift or otherwise) I will clearly state this in the blog post and in any social media communications promoting said post.  Featuring a product on this blog is not an endorsement of an individual product over similar products available on the market.

Sponsored Blog Posts

If I receive compensation in return for a blog post, posts will be clearly marked as ‘Sponsored by’ or ‘In Collaboration with’.  Again, my words are my own and cannot be bought. Compensation will not affect the content of my blog posts and I will only feature products and services I feel my readers will benefit from knowing about. I will not feature sponsored posts for products and services which I do not feel will enhance the wellbeing of my readers (i.e. products or services with unsubstantiated claims or claims based on pseudoscience).

Advertising & Twitter

There are currently no ‘adverts’ on this blog.  Tweets regarding any sponsored posts or for any posts which I have received some form of compensation will be followed by #ad  or #spon (as per IAB Guidelines).

This policy is correct as of January 2014.  I will add to it and update it as necessary.

Special thanks to Nic at Nics Nutrition for allowing me to adapt disclosure policies from her site.